About Us

First Presbyterian Church of Peru Indiana is active and forward looking protestant church and is a proud member congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in the Wabash Valley Presbytery.

Our church was founded more than 175 years ago and we’ve been serving Christ in this community longer than any other congregation.

We’re proud of our history, but we are not about the past. We are learning how to continue the work of Christ in the 21st century. Our motto is “learning to trust and share Jesus Christ” and that pretty well sums up what we are about. We don’t have all the answers – we’re not even certain we know all the questions – but we believe God has a lot to teach us about living and loving, and we really enjoy learning and sharing.

We don’t like labels. We’re not liberal or conservative – we’re trying to be faithful, and to faithfully bear witness to Christ in our community and beyond.

In our congregation you will find people from all walks of life. We have farmers and teachers and lawyers and doctors. You’ll meet tradesmen and hairdressers and police officers and office workers and executives. In the pew next to you may be a military man or woman, a physical therapist, an online merchant, a college professor, or a nurse.

A little more than half our members are retirees. But don’t imagine that we are old and tired! Energy, imagination and creativity abound in our members – and participation levels are high!



Our pastor is Steve Quinlan





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